This is a list of our Administrators of the Little Bill Wiki, they work hard to protect this site, please do not hesitate to message one if you need anything!

What Can An Administrator Do?

They have the ability to:

1: Block user accounts and IPs (AKA; A Wikia contributor) for going ageist our Editing Guidelines.

2: Kick and Ban users from our Live! Chat when going ageist our Chat Guidelines.

3: Promoting other Administrators and Chat moderator (Only bureaucrats may promote other Administrators).

4: Protecting pages, Administrators may protect pages to two different levels of protection; prevent users without accounts/new users from editing a page or making it so only Administrators may be able to edit the page.

5: Closing/removing message wall threads.

List Of Administrators

Babysitter SpongeBob Founder, Bureaucrat
Tbrays30 Administrator, Bureaucrat, Adopter of Wikia

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