"All Together Now" is an episode of Little Bill.

Plot Edit

The story begins with Little Bill and Brenda reading an Albert Applebee Book. After having read part of an Albert Applebee book to Little Bill, Brenda tells him he needs a nap, especially after a long time they spent at the park. Little Bill refuses, and he finds it unfair that he (being five years old) has to take a nap, and nobody else does. Because he has had it, he plans to do what Albert Applebee planned to do in the book: run away. But Brenda tells him if he runs away, they'll run away with him. Then, he decides to run away with Brenda, Big Bill, Elephant, Bobby, April, and Alice the Great, so they go outside. Alice the Great tells them they won't run away with him because they love him. Then, Bobby and April decide to listen to Big Bill's CD and Brenda giving him a nap. The episode ends with Little Bill taking a nap.

Goofs Edit

  • In this episode, Little Bill decides to run away from home like Albert Appleberry to avoid taking a nap.