Character Info

April Glover


Full Name
April Glover

April Glover is Little Bill and Bobby's 10-year-old sister, her parents are Big Bill and Brenda Glover. April is the only girl and oldest child in the family, and the tallest girl on the block. April is proud to be the best basketball players in school, male or female. She has dreams of joining the WNBA as soon as she finishes college. When it comes to Little Bill, April has a soft spot in her heart. She also makes a good role model. For example, she is the one who teaches him some American Sign Language in "I Can Sign".


Very competitive, loves basketball, she can be overwhelming, and a bit bossy sometimes but she's very nice, caring and a good role-model.


She is an African-American female, brown skin, brown eyes, and a good height for her age.


She wears a sky-blue T-Shirt, and blue-violet jeans, three black ponytails and gold hoop earrings.


  • She loves basketball, and hopes to make the WNBA.


Coming soon.

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