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Character Info

Baby Jamal

Baby Jamal 2

Full name
Jamal Kendall
Skin Color
Aunt Deborah (mother)
Uncle Gary (father)
Little Bill Glover (cousin)
Bobby Glover (cousin)
April Glover (cousin)
Brenda Glover (aunt)
Big Bill Glover (uncle)
Fuschia Glover (cousin)
Alice the Great (great grandmother)
unnamed great-great uncle
unnamed great-great aunt
unnamed cousin thrice removed
First appearance
Last appearance
Voiced By
John Davis (Baby Sounds)

Baby Jamal is April, Bobby and Little Bill's maternal baby cousin and the son of Deborah (Brenda's sister) and Gary.

In Just a Baby, Brenda's sister, Debra, arrives for a visit with her new baby, Jamal. Little Bill accidentally frightens the baby when he sings too loudly, and Big Bill explains how babies like soft music like lullabies. Aunt Debra gives Bill the job of telling her when Jamal has woken from a nap, but when the baby spits up, Little Bill fears "he broke the baby." Bobby teaches Little Bill that babies sometimes make messes and shows him how to hold Jamal properly.