Big Little Bill
Release Date
June 19, 2001
VHS Tape
Episodes Featured
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Running Time
50 Minutes

Big Little Bill is one of the first two Little Bill VHS Tapes featuring episodes from its first and second seasons.

Episodes FeaturedEdit

Opening PreviewsEdit

1. Paramount Pictures Logo

2. Coming to Theaters

3. MPAA Screen

4. Rugrats in Paris the Movie Trailer

5. Paramount Pictures Logo

6. Now Available on Videocassette

7. Nick Jr. Videos Trailer (Version #1)

8. Paramount Pictures Logo

9. Coming to Videocassette

10. Little Bear Movie Trailer

11. Rugrats Decade the Diapers Trailer

12. Paramount Feature Presataion & FBI Warning

13. Paramount Home Video Logo

14. Nick Jr Kids Bumper Opening

15. Nick Jr Face Veggies

16. Little Bill Theme Song

18. Big Kid

19. Just A Baby

20. Bill Cosby

21. The Bills Go To Work

22. Miss Murray's Wedding

23. Face Shows Many Feelings

24. Nick Jr. Kids Closing

25. Little Bill Credits

27. Nick Jr. Productions Logo

28. Nick Jr. Bears Logo

29. Nickelodeon Bone Logo

30. Paramount Home Video Logo


  • The Released of June 19, 2001


  • 53


  • June 5, 2001 (Canada)
  • June 19, 2001 (United States)

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