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Character Info

Bobby Glover


Full Name
Bobby Glover
July 29, 1991
Big Bill Glover (father)
Brenda Glover (mother)
Little Bill Glover (brother)
April Glover (sister)
Alice the Great (great-grandmother) Fuschia Glover (cousin)
Skin Color
Eye Color
Voiced by
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Robert "Bobby" Glover is the middle child of the Glover family and oldest son. He is 8 years old. He is April's younger brother and Little Bill's older brother. He is the most studious of the three and is usually reading or investigating things. He can play the violin, which he practices really hard on. Sometimes, he gets carried away and forgets to think before he speaks, sometimes saying upsetting things, which results in one of the family members making him stop. He was voiced by Devon Malik Beckford in the first two seasons, and after Beckford's voice maturity, he was voiced by Tyler James Williams for the rest of the show. When Bobby was 3 years old, he used to hold Little Bill when he was a baby.

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