Character Info

Brenda Kendall-Glover


Full Name
Brenda Glover
Female ♀
Big Bill Glover (Husband)
Little Bill Glover (Son)
Bobby Glover (Son)
April Glover (Daughter)
Fuschia Glover (Niece)
Baby Jamal (Nephew)
Alice the Great (Grandmother)
Uncle Al (Brother-in-law)
Aunt Vanessa (Sister-in-law)
Aunt Deborah (Sister)
Uncle Gary (Brother-In-Law)
Unnamed Great-Uncle
Unnamed Great-Aunt
Unnamed Cousin Twice Removed
Louise The Greats (Mother)
Gaby The Greats (Father) (Deceased)
Voiced by
Phylicia Rashad

Brenda Glover (formerly Brenda Spartz) is the mother of April, Bobby Glover and Little Bill Glover. She is the wife of Big Bill Glover, the granddaughter of Alice the Great, and the aunt of Baby Jamal and Fuschia.


  • She has three children.
  • Brenda broke her leg when she was young, but it is unknown how.
  • It is unknown what her maiden name was, but it was revealed by Gaby that it was Spartz.


Coming soon.

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