Release Date
November 13th, 2000 (USA)

March 6th, 2001 (France) April 13th, 2001 (Both Latin America & Spain)

May 4th, 2001 (Both Brazil & Portugal)
Episode number
Canadian Date
December 6, 2000
Other Languages
(French) Les bourgeons

(Spanish) (Latin America) Brotes (Spanish) (Spain) El arbusto (Portuguese) (Brazil) Botões

(Portuguese) (Portugal) O jardim das flores
Also known as
The Bush
Running time
15 minutes

Buds is an episode of Little Bill.


The episode begins with the children still at school. Miss Murray tells them that it's playtime and Fuchsia hides behind Miss Murray so she won't get caught. Kiku doesn't play tag and is actually looking at some of the buds that are on the bush. Fuchsia notices Kiku by herself watching the bush. Fuchsia asks her what she's doing. Kiku says that she's looking at the bush. Little Bill and Andrew ask what they're doing. Andrew notes it's the same bush that's been sitting in the play area every day and Little Bill asks why it's so special today. Kiku shows them that there are buds growing on the bush. Fuchsia notes that the buds are the same color pink as her dress. Little Bill and Andrew start to say the word buds really fast and end up sounding really funny. The kids laugh.

Miss Murray asks everyone what they are doing and asks if it's the silly club. Kiku shows Miss Murray the buds. Miss Murray asks the children if they know what will happen next. The children ask what will happen. Miss Murray tells them that the buds will bloom into pretty flowers. Miss Murray says that the whole bush will have more pretty flowers. Kiku and Fuchsia say that they like flowers. Kiku thinks that they are the most beautiful things in the world. Andrew says that his dog, Barfy, is beautiful and Little Bill adds that his hamster, Elephant, is beautiful as well. Kiku tells them that flowers are more beautiful than hamsters and dogs. She asks Miss Murray what she thinks. Miss Murray says that hamsters, dogs, and flowers are all beautiful.

Little Bill says that they should play tag. Kiku says she doesn't want to. Fuchsia asks what she wants to do. Kiku says that she wants to play Planting Flowers. She says she does that with her mother. Fuchsia says that she'll play with her and they go to the sandbox to plant some flowers. Kiku says that they need to plant the flowers in the sunlight because flowers need the sunlight to grow. Fuchsia asks the boys if they want to help. Little Bill asks Andrew if he wants to plant flowers. Andrew says no. Little Bill asks what he wants to do. Andrew wants to go on the slide and Little Bill agrees. The two run over to the slide and they start to slide down. They call for Kiku and Fuchsia and then look over at a construction site across the street. They make a horn sound like the construction equipment. They pretend that they are constructing a building like the construction site next door.

Little Bill and Andrew are snapped out of their imagination by Fuchsia and Kiku calling for them to check out their garden. Little Bill and Andrew notice that Kiku and Fuchsia planted the shovels in the ground to pretend that they are flowers. Little Bill asks what kind of flowers they are. Kiku says that they are roses and they smell really good. Little Bill and Andrew pretend that the roses smell very good. Little Bill and Andrew hear the construction equipment beeping next door and they pretend that they are digging a hole. They start to dig the sand out of the sandbox. Kiku and Fuchsia yell at them to stop what they're doing. Kiku starts to cry and shout for Miss Murray like in When Friends Get Mad. Little Bill tells Kiku not to cry. Kiku sadly tells Little Bill and Andrew that they messed up her garden. Miss Murray comes over and asks what's wrong. Fuchsia tells Miss Murray that Little Bill and Andrew messed up their garden, and Kiku still cries. Miss Murray tells Kiku it's alright. Little Bill says that they didn't mean to and that they were playing Construction. Fuchsia argues that they planted the flowers first. Miss Murray asks if that is true. The boys tell Kiku that they are sorry for what they've done. Miss Murray asks Kiku if she's alright and Kiku says yes. Andrew asks Kiku if she wants them to help. Kiku says no and says that she's never playing with them again or anymore. Andrew tells Little Bill to come with him.

Andrew asks Little Bill if he wants to play Construction. Little Bill says no and asks how come, and says he doesn't like it when Kiku is mad. Andrew says he doesn't either. Little Bill knows that Kiku likes flowers so they should pick one of the flowers off of the bush and give it to her so she won't be mad at them. Little Bill and Andrew try to reach the flowers at the top, but they can't reach it. Little Bill and Andrew realize that Kiku likes buds so they can give her those instead since they can reach them. They start to pick some of the buds off of the bush. They offer them the buds over to Kiku and Kiku tells them not to mess up her garden again. Andrew and Little Bill tell her that they brought the buds over as a present so she won't be mad anymore. However, Kiku is angrier and asks why they picked the buds off of the bush. Fuchsia shouts for Miss Murray like in When Friends Get Mad.

Miss Murray asks what happened. Andrew tells Miss Murray that they wanted to give Kiku a flower so she wouldn't be mad at them. Little Bill says that they couldn't reach the flower so they thought they could give her the buds. Kiku says that the buds won't grow into flowers if they are picked off of the bush. Andrew and Little Bill ask if that's true. Miss Murray says that is true and tells them to come with her. They walk over to the bush and she asks them if they knew that the bush was a living thing. Little Bill says that he didn't. Miss Murray says that it is just like they are. Little Bill and Andrew realize that Farfy and Elephant are also living things. Andrew asks Miss Murray if trees are living things. Miss Murray says that they are. Little Bill asks about his sneakers. Miss Murray says no. Andrew asks if cars are. Miss Murray says that they aren't either. Little Bill asks why they aren't. Miss Murray says that cars and sneakers were made by people so they aren't living things. She says that the bush comes from nature so that is why it's living. Miss Murray says that living things are precious and they need to be taken care of. Kiku says that flowers need to be taken care of. Miss Murray tells them all that the buds are baby flowers that need to stay on the bush so they can grow. Little Bill tells Andrew that they should stick the buds back on the bush. Kiku says that it's too late. Fuchsia says that they can't stick them back on. Andrew asks Miss Murray if they can stick the buds back on the bush. Miss Murray says that there is no way to put the buds back on. Little Bill asks if they'll be flowers. Miss Murray says no. Little Bill says that he'll never pick buds off of the leaves again and Andrew agrees with him saying that they have to stay on the bush to grow. Little Bill and Andrew apologize to the bush. Kiku asks Miss Murray if the boys are sad. Miss Murray says yes and tells her that Little Bill and Andrew feel foolish for what they did. Kiku asks the boys if they'll ever pick buds off the bushes anymore. Andrew and Little Bill promise they won't ever do it again. Fuchsia asks them if they'll ever dig up their flowers again. The boys promise that they won't. The girls forgive them and Little Bill asks if they want to plant the flowers again. Kiku says yes. Andrew says he still wants to play Construction. Fuchsia says she wants to as well. Little Bill tells Andrew and Fuchsia to dig the holes and then he and Kiku will plant the flowers. The children agree and they run off to play. The episode ends with all of the children playing and Miss Murray watching them.


  • This is the first time where someone does things wrong.
  • Starts to cry used for Kiku is used like in Total Drama, which is produced on Teletoon. The actress of Eunice Cho is the crying differently. Starts to cry can be used for Little Bill in some episodes.
  • Little Bill and Andrew learn there's a destruction in the neighborhood. They mess up Kiku and Fuschia's garden, causing her to cry and Fuschia to shout for Miss Murray. And Kiku is angrier and Fuschia shouts for Miss Murray.
  • This is the only episode on Season 2 where Fuschia shouts for Miss Murray.