The episode begins with Little Bill acting like he's a dog in his room. He crawls over to Elephant and asks him if he knows what Little Bill is acting like. Elephant blinks. Little Bill says he's a dog just like Lito. Little Bill says that Lito is Mr. Rojas' dog and he is letting him, Bobby, and April doggie sit Lito. Little Bill starts to crawl down the hall and finds April and Bobby playing a board game. April asks Little Bill if Lito is here yet. Little Bill says he isn't her yet. April says that she can't wait for Lito to arrive. Bobby admits it would be just like having their very own dog. Little Bill says he's going to teach Lito tricks. April says that she's going to make Lito the prettiest dog in the world. Little Bill says he's going to teach Lito to talk.

April and Bobby are confused, but Little Bill says that when he teaches Lito to talk they are going to be best friends. Little Bill imagines that he is trying to teach Lito how to talk and he is able to get Lito to say thank you in his imagination. April snaps Little Bill out of his how to be a detective dog The Cleveland Show Plush Toys based on the animated sitcom are available. The plush toys includes Cleveland, Cleveland Brown Jr., Rallo, and Tim, the bear. They can be found in claw machines, won at amusement parks/carnivals/events, or bought online.

Little Bill heads down into the living room and finds Alice the Great watering her plants. Alice the Great asks Little Bill if he's ready for Lito. Little Bill says he is ready. Little Bill asks her what he's doing. Alice the Great says she's giving her plants some TLC. Little Bill notes that it looks like she's giving them water. Alice the Great tells Little Bill that TLC means Tender, Love, and Care and that is the same thing as giving it water. Little Bill giggles. Alice the Great says that the plant is thirsty so she's giving it some water and special attention. She says that is what TLC is. Little Bill says that he is going to give Lito some TLC when he comes over to the house and he teaches him some tricks. Alice the Great says that they are good tricks, but that's not really what TLC is about.

The doorbell rings and the children run to the door. It is Mr. Rojas and Lito. They open the door and Mr. Rojas comes in. He puts Lito down and everyone says hello to him. Alice the Great says hello to Mr. Rojas and Mr. Rojas asks her how she's doing. Mr. Rojas says that he brought some treats and Lito's water dish in case he needs it. April assures Mr. Rojas that they will take good care of Lito. Little Bill says that they will give him lots of TLC. Mr. Rojas is sure they will and says he'll see them later. When Mr. Rojas leaves, Alice the Great says that while they are all excited that Lito is here they have to understand that doggie sitting is a big responsibility. April tells her not to worry because Lito is going to have fun here. Alice the Great says he will have fun as long as they feed him, give him water, and other things. Bobby assures her not to worry because they'll be all over him. Alice the Great also notes that dogs need rest just like people do. She tells them that Lito is their responsibility. Little Bill assures her that they will be good doggie sitters. Alice the Great tells them that she'll be in her room if they need anything. The kids tell her they'll be alright. Little Bill starts out by getting Lito to sit. He does and everyone is impressed.

Little Bill tries to get him to roll over, but Bobby intervenes and says he wants Lito to be the detective. He puts the sock next to Lito's face and tells him to smell it and find the other one. Little Bill tells Bobby that he was having fun with Lito first. April argues that she needs to fix him up first. Bobby yells that he is the one that gets to play with him first. April calms down and tells the boys that they can't fight over Lito because that's not what taking care of him means. Little Bill agrees with her and Bobby says she's right. April then snatches Lito up and says that she's going to play with him first. The boys are a little upset and ask her where she's taking Lito. April says they're going to her room. April takes him upstairs to fix him up.

Little Bill and Bobby are annoyed that April did that. Outside of April's room, Little Bill and Bobby wait for April to finish with Lito. Little Bill asks April if Lito is pretty yet. Bobby yells that April can't keep Lito all day. Little Bill tells her to come out and April tells them she'll be right out. She opens the door and Lito comes out with a pink ribbon on his head. Bobby asks Lito what April did to him. Little Bill gets down and tells Lito to roll over. Lito is also able to do that and he rolls over. Little Bill is impressed. April tells Little Bill to wait and says that now Little Bill has messed up his hair. April notes that she has to take him back inside and do his hair all over again. Bobby tells April that it is his turn with Lito and tells Lito to smell the sock. Little Bill says that it's his turn. All three argue that it is their turn to play with Lito and Alice the Great asks what's going on out in the hall. April says that everything is fine and they're taking care of Lito. Bobby insists they're treating him like he was their very own dog. Alice the Great asks them to lower the volume and the kids agree. The kids go inside April's room and April tells them that they need to wait their turn. Bobby tells April that she isn't being fair about this. The kids continue to argue about whose turn it is and Lito takes this opportunity to scratch the ribbon out of his fur. April tells them that hair takes a long time to get done. Bobby notes it'll just get messed up again. Lito starts to get upset and he walks out of the room. April tells Little Bill to take his turn and then Bobby will go next. She angrily says that she gets him after that. They all agree, but they still aren't happy about the situation. They look down and notice that Lito isn't in the room. April asks where he went. Bobby says he doesn't know and they realize that they have to find him.

Little Bill looks in his room. He looks under his bed, but Lito isn't under there. Little Bill walks out into the hallway and tells Lito it's time to do some tricks. Lito walks up behind Little Bill, but Little Bill doesn't notice him. Lito decides to go into the room with Alice the Great and lies down on the rug. Little Bill finds Bobby looking for Lito in the kitchen. Bobby says he's not in the kitchen. April is in the living room looking for him. She says that she has a pretty ribbon with his name on it. Little Bill asks her if she found him, but April says she hasn't. The kids are very upset that they haven't found him. Bobby says that it's April's fault. He says that if she wouldn't have put the bow in his hair he wouldn't have run away like he did. April says it isn't her fault. Little Bill reminds them that they are supposed to be taking care of him and that means that they have to find him. Bobby notes that Little Bill is right. April says they need a plan. She says they need to make sure he didn't get out of the house. Bobby says the front door is shut so he didn't go out that door. April asks Little Bill about the kitchen door. Little Bill says it's closed. Little Bill says that they should tell Alice the Great. April says they can't do that and Bobby adds that she'll know they screwed up then.

Little Bill asks about Lito and notes he's more important. April and Bobby agree and they head upstairs to tell her. The kids go upstairs and walk into the room. When they do, they find Alice the Great with Lito on her lap. The kids are glad that they've found Lito. Bobby asks why he was in here. Alice the Great notes that is a good question and thought that the children were supposed to be taking care of Lito. She asks why Lito ran away. Bobby says it's because April put a bow in his hair. April argues that it's because Bobby put a smelly sock in front of his face. Alice the Great says that she thinks it's because the children were fighting over Lito. Little Bill agrees and says they didn't give Lito any TLC. He notes that Lito must be very thirsty right now. Little Bill says they still have the water dish and the doggie treats.

Little Bill tells Lito it's snack time and Lito runs down the stairs. In the kitchen, April, Bobby, and Little Bill work together and pour Lito some food and water into his dishes. Little Bill realizes that Lito really was hungry and thirsty. Alice the Great says they're doing a good job. Little Bill says it's because they are giving him good TLC. Alice the Great agrees with him. Little Bill thinks that one day the family might get a dog just like Lito. Lito barks and Bobby asks him if he's ready to play detective. April tells Bobby she still needs to give Lito a hair makeover. Little Bill tells them that Lito still needs TLC. Lito agrees and starts licking Little Bill's face. The guys think that is cute and the group goes to get his doggie treats and toys. The episode ends with the kids taking care of Lito. Later that night, Little Bill is in bed. He asks Elephant if he's seen the purple stuffed elephant. He notes he can't find it anywhere. Little Bill looks around and Elephant crawls toward the pillow. Little Bill asks Elephant if he should look under the pillow and he does. Sure enough, the stuffed elephant is under the pillow. Little Bill tells the stuffed elephant that it's time for some TLC: Tender, Love, and Care. Little Bill tells Elephant he's going to get some TLC as well. Alice the Great calls into the room and asks Little Bill who he's talking to. The episode ends with Little Bill giggling and holding Elephant and his purple stuffed elephant.