Little Bill - Just A Baby

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Beginning Edit

(The transcript is Little Bill for house)

Little Bill: (first lines)

(Little Bill and Bobby walking)

Little Bill: Hmm.

Monty: Morning.

Baby Jamal: Mmm.

Little Bill: The character see Bobby…Bobby…Bobby…Bobby…Bobby…Bobby…Bobby…Big Bill…Big Bill…Alice The Great.

(Little Bill bangs the door at April appear)

April: Who?

Little Bill: Just a baby.

Bobby: Little Bill.

Little Bill: (to April) There.

Bobby: (Monty, her to Baby Jamal don't cries, about Little Bill) Just… Just then.

Big Bill: We're going?


Monty: Sorry.

Alice: Brenda, why trying at Little Bill.

(Little Bill at his room)

Coming Soon

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