Just a Baby is the first episode in the Little Bill animated series. It was shown on November 28, 1999.


The episode begins with 5-year-old Little Bill looking out the window singing to himself that a baby is coming to visit. 8-year-old Bobby walks up to him and asks him if he's looking for Aunt Deborah and Uncle Gary. Little Bill says so, and when they arrive, he's going to play hide and go seek, play tag, and ride bikes with their new son. Little Bill imagines that Baby Jamal is running around playing hide and go seek and then riding on a tricycle next to him. Bobby snaps him out of his imagination and reminds him that Baby Jamal is just a baby, and too young to do those activities. Little Bill is sad, but might be able to hold Baby Jamal, and is more excited now. The brothers hear a car honking outside, and look out the window. Aunt Deborah (Brenda's little sister) and Uncle Gary have arrived. Little Bill is excited to see Baby Jamal and can't wait to hold him.

Little Bill runs downstairs with 40-year-old Big Bill, 38-year-old Brenda, 10-year-old April, and 72-year-old Alice the Great. Everyone says hello to Aunt Deborah and Uncle Gary. Little Bill asks if he can hold the baby three times, but everyone else is too busy paying attention to Baby Jamal. Aunt Deborah says hello to Little Bill and says that he looks at precious as ever. Uncle Gary states that he's not so little anymore. Aunt Deborah pinches Little Bill's cheeks and tells him that he's precious. Little Bill giggles, rubs his cheek, watches as everyone goes into the living room, and still wants to hold Baby Jamal.

Little Bill goes into the living room to see April holding Baby Jamal. She tells him to come say hello to his cousin, who is giggling, cooing, and laughing and seems to be a very happy baby. Little Bill says hello to Baby Jamal and pinches his cheek like Aunt Deborah did to him earlier. Baby Jamal doesn't like that and starts to cry, but is calmed down by his mother. Brenda asks Little Bill why he pinched Baby Jamal's cheek, who says that everyone does that to him when they meet him. Brenda says that he is big, and Baby Jamal is just a baby. Bobby tells him that everyone has to be gentle with babies. Little Bill says that he'll apologize to Baby Jamal, slides next to him, and starts to sing the I'm Sorry song really loudly. However, Baby Jamal doesn't like that either and starts to cry again. Little Bill doesn't understand why the baby is still crying, and runs out of the room.

Big Bill finds Little Bill on the staircase, and tells him that it's alright, and he only scared Baby Jamal. Little Bill says that in his school, it's how they apologize to people. Big Bill tells him that it's alright, but he was being a little noisy, and that babies like gentle songs like lullabies. The two listen to Alice the Great humming one to Baby Jamal. Little Bill says that it's his sleepy song, which Alice sings a lot to him. Big Bill pretends that the song made him fall asleep. Aunt Deborah walks into the room and starts to take the sleepy baby upstairs. Little Bill asks her if he can hold him, and promises not to sing too loud. Aunt Deborah tells her nephew that he can hold him soon, because he has to take his nap right now.

Aunt Deborah takes Baby Jamal to the bedroom and puts him on the bed. Little Bill follows her and asks her if he can hold Baby Jamal yet, but he can't right now because the baby is sleeping. Aunt Deborah asks her nephew to let her know if Baby Jamal wakes up, and he agrees to do that.

Little Bill stands by the door for quite a while to wait and see if his cousin wakes up. Bobby joins him and asks him what he's doing. Little Bill tells him what he's waiting for, and asks Bobby why Baby Jamal is already asleep, who replies that babies sleep a lot. Little Bill adds that babies also cry. The two hear Baby Jamal in the room waking up, so Bobby will go tell Aunt Deborah that he's awake.

Little Bill goes into the bedroom to see if Baby Jamal is alright, who is laughing and cooing. Little Bill leans over to see him, says hello, tells him that he is his cousin, and holds his small hand. Suddenly, Baby Jamal hiccups and spits up a little bit. Little Bill fears that he broke him, and goes to leave the room, but bumps into Bobby and tells him what happened. Bobby inspects their little cousin, and tells Little Bill that babies spit up a lot sometimes, and that he only has to wipe the mess with a tissue. Bobby tells Little Bill that he used to take care of him a lot when he was a baby, is asked if it's true, and says that he got to hold him sometimes. He shows Little Bill an old photo of the two brothers on the bed and him holding him. Bobby even laughs that one day, Little Bill spit up on him, and says that babies are small and helpless, so a person has to be gentle and nice to them a lot.

Aunt Deborah comes up to see the three boys, and thanks them for taking great care of Baby Jamal. Little Bill tells Aunt Deborah that he spit up, but they cleaned him. Aunt Deborah asks Little Bill if he wants to hold Baby Jamal, who does and promises not to pinch him or sing. Little Bill sits on the bed and gets to hold Baby Jamal, and is told that he has to hold Baby Jamal's head very gently. The rest of the family comes in, and now it's a precious moment. Brenda asks Little Bill how he was able to take care of Baby Jamal, who says that Bobby taught him. She then takes a picture of the boys, and the episode ends with a still frame of that picture.

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