Little Bill: What I Did at School Today

51QPW7HV1GL (1)

Animated, Closed-captioned, Color, NTSC
Not Rated
Number of tapes
VHS Release Date
August 21, 2001
Run Time
48 minutes

Little Bill: What I Did at School Today is a VHS Released by Paramount Home Entertainment featuring episodes from its second season.

Summery and InformationEdit

Nick Jr. television's Little Bill delivers all that viewers have come to expect from a Bill Cosby production: engaging story lines, intact family values, familiar predicaments, and the delicate balance of wit and wisdom. Whether he's at home or school, Little Bill's world is predictable, safe, and secure, and preschoolers will be drawn into it, lingering long enough to gain some valuable coping skills for their own world. What I Did at School contains four 12-minute episodes exploring the everyday issues of the classroom, such as the thrill of being snack helper and resolving the dilemma of which friend gets the first snack; or the satisfaction of earning a gold star sticker for exemplary behavior. In one episode, Little Bill's best friend calls him a copycat when he chooses the same fire engine to ride. Not sure what this means (but fairly certain it is not a compliment), Little Bill seeks out the advice of his great-grandmother to sort things out. In another story, picture day presents the problem of what to wear for the class photo. His older brother, Bobby, gets to select his own clothes, so why can't Little Bill wear his favorite summer shorts in the middle of winter? And kids will identify with stage fright that haunts Little Bill during his first-ever school play. A lead part with all those parents watching--thankfully, Miss Murray teaches him a trick for blowing the jitters away. This gap-toothed 5-year-old is no saint, but his earnest enthusiasm and sunny disposition will endear him to young audiences. Kudos, too, for a program that portrays parents and teachers as wise and loving authority figures, worthy of respect. (Ages 2 to 6 years old)

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