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Little Bill Glover

Little bill

Full Name
William "Little" Bill Glover Jr.
Born July 2th 1994 Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
Big Bill Glover ( father)
Brenda Glover ( mother)
Bobby Glover (brother)
April Glover (sister)
Fuchsia Glover (cousin)
Aunt Deborah( aunt)
Uncle Gary( uncle)
Alice the Great (great-grandmother)
Joe Glover(nephew)
Farnell Glover(nephew)
Bow Glover(niece)
Saki Munan(brother in law)
Hama Glover(wife)
Jamal Glover(cousin)
Alverda Joe lll( grandfather)
Skin Color
Voiced by
Xaiver Preceitt

  Little Bill is an energetic 5-year-old. His vand fun loving nature make ha natural leader when it comes to making up a game, or creating a fantasy to act out with his friends. He tries hard to be fair and do the right thing, but like all kids, he sometimes stumbles and has hard lessons to learn. Luckily, he always has his support network of family and friends to help him through any challenge. Little Bill is known worldwide for being nice. Little Bill is an African-American human, and he has brown-colored skin. A tooth of his is missing (probably in the center). He wears a yellow shirt, but the left sleeve is green and the right is purple. On his shirt is a big red 'B'. Little Bill's blue jeans are baggy. His shoes are mostly white with a black stripe running through the middle and tan laces. He is voiced by Xaiver Preceitt.


He is a 5-year-old greedy and nasty boy who loves his hamster and is a fan of the (fictional) Blue Sox baseball team. He also likes Captain Brainstorm because he comes up with great ideas. He enjoys going to kindergarten, although he misses Elephant, but he is still happy. He is known as Little Bill because his actual name is Bill Jr, his father's name is also Bill.


  • Little Bill is based on Bill Cosby as a young child.
  • Little Bill is called "Little" because he is named after his father.
  • Little Bill robs the bank
  • Little Bill is the 21 kid

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