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Little Bill Thinks Big


Game base
Published by
Scholastic, Inc.
Developed by
Animal Joy, Inc.
Release date
November, 2003
Macintosh, Windows
1st-Person Perspective
Graphics / Art, Math / Logic, Pre-school / Toddler

Little Bill Thinks Big was a computer game made by Animal Joy Inc.

About Game:Edit

There are four paths for the game, one for each season, and although the basic mini-games remain the same each path has a slightly different storyline and a different final surprise. The player chooses which season to play at sign-in, and can decide to play another once the first one is finished. Following the introduction, Little Bill presents the player with a list of items he needs in order to create his "surprise". To win the items, the player must explore the house and discover and complete five activities:

  • The Cookie Match Game - help decorate cookies by duplicating a template.
  • The Submarine Game - avoid obstacles and collect a given number of gold coins with a submarine.
  • The Alien Game - click and drag lost aliens to their ships, grouping by color and pattern.
  • The Hamster Game - match pipe connectors by color and shape to make a tunnel for Little Bill's hamster, Elephant.
  • The Photo Album Game - re-order some photos in a logical sequence.


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