Miss Moses is April's choir teacher in the episode "The Choir." She is also the pianist.

Miss Moses played the song "This Little Light of Mine" for choir practice, but was also concerned about Tiny's singing with a cough. When she has the girls warm up, Little Bill (taken with her due to her mother's permission) shows them a singing voice, getting the girls to applaud and Miss Moses to compliment her. Before starting, she hears Tiny coughing again, wondering if she's sure she's all right. Tiny claims she is, and then they start rehearsal twice until Tiny sneezes. Miss Moses feels her forehead, which is warmer than normal, and thus sends her home to bed. She tells the others they'll have to continue without Tiny, which won't be the same. When she wonders who'll sing Tiny's part, who should volunteer but Little Bill?

Miss Moses was voiced by Venida Evans.

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