Character Info

Miss Murray

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Full Name
Aisha Murray-Clinkscales

Miss Murray is Little Bill's kindergarten teacher at Johnson Elementary School. A cheerful and intelligent African-American woman, she is gentle and patient with the boys and girls left in her charge. In many ways, Miss Murray isn't as far removed from childhood as the other adults in Little Bill's life. Her fresh, good-natured approach provides yet another positive adult role model for our viewers.

It is revealed in "Miss Murray's Wedding" that Miss Murray's first name is Aisha. She marries Dr. Winthrop Clinkscales, but because it is hard for the kids to pronounce his last name, they are still allowed to call her Miss Murray even after her marriage.


  • She is married to Dr. Winthrop Clinkscales.
  • It has been known in the past that she accepts good ideas from her students and expects the very best of them. This can be proven in many episodes like "The Snack Helper" where after Little Bill whispers into her ear about his color wheel game, she said, "Good idea!"