Picture Day is an episode.


Little Bill's school is taking a class photograph for the yearbook, and he decides that he wants to choose his own clothing for the picture like his older siblings. He picks out his favorite clothes, thinking he will look good, but his combination of rain boots, a Captain Brainstorm T-Shirt, and shorts with ducks on it just makes him look funny. Trying not to hurt his feelings, Brenda gently explains that the outfit Little Bill has chosen is too light to wear on a fall day and he will be cold. Asking for help but still requesting to pick out his own outfit, Little Bill allows Brenda to put together a nice suit for him to wear for the photo, and asks to wear his favorite tie. Brenda asks if she can take a photo of him in his "summer clothes" before he changes.


  • As the childen are getting ready to pose for the school picture, Kiku is shown wearing her flower girl outfit from Miss Murray's Wedding. When she's shown in close-up shots, her headband is covered in flowers, but in wide shots, it's just a plain blue headband. Where did the flowers go?
  • When Brenda is helping Little Bill pick out clothes to wear for Picture Day, she says she's going to select a blue dress shirt for him to wear instead of his favorite Captain Brainstorm T-shirt. Instead, she takes out a blue sport jacket, but Little Bill is already wearing the blue sport jacket when she takes it out; does he have two jackets, and where's the dress shirt?
  • Kiku says that she, Andrew, and Fuchsia can all stand next to Little Bill for the picture, but in the picture, Kiku is standing next to Dorado and Fuchsia.