The Puppet pals were a part of the regular episodes in season 6 that were used from 2002 to 2015 but have not been on the show since. None of the puppet pals have official titles so they aren't considered episodes instead all of them combined are 1 episode. There are 4 puppets in the puppet pals: Elephant, Little Bill's pet hamster (Elephant also appears in the regular episodes). Mr. Elephant, Little Bill's Elephant. Captain Brainstorm, Little Bill's space toy and Misty the squirrel Who lives in the backyard.

Most of the puppet pals take place in the backyard or in Little Bill's room. Elephant, Mr. Elephant and Captain Brainstorm in almost all the puppet pals while Misty is only appears in some. When the puppet pals were on the show their was usually one puppet pal day the show was on and there was one less episode then there is today. Sometimes the episodes shown were related to what was shown that day in the puppet segments, for example, one of the episodes on the show involved Halloween the puppet pals did too. The puppets do talk in the puppet pals but not in the regular episodes, Elephant also looks very different then he does in the regular episodes because the characters in the puppet pals aren't cartoons they are real puppets. The puppet pals are considered neither canon nor crescent fresh.

Although the puppets aren't on the show, Elephant, Mr. Elephant, and Captain Brainstorm still appear, Elephant as a real hamster and the other two as inanimate objects.

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