Squirmy is an episode.


The story begins with Little Bill and Andrew playing with a toy crane and toy truck in the backyard. Little Bill says that he's making a tall building like where his dad works. Andrew says that he's building a house. Little Bill says that he's going to make a road that leads from his building to Andrew's house. Andrew says that's a great idea. Little Bill also suggests that they dig a hole and Andrew says they should make a tunnel. The two start to dig and they call themselves construction workers. Little Bill imagines that he's on a truck starting to dig the hole. Andrew is helping him as well. However, in the imagination, Little Bill sees something in the dirt and says that they need to stop construction. When they do, they both look down and realize that there is a earthworm in the hole they were digging. Andrew notes it's a big, fat worm. Little Bill says that he's wiggly and squirmy. Andrew says that he is squirmy wormy. Little Bill says that he is going to call him Squirmy. Andrew thinks it's a great name. Andrew asks if Squirmy is slimy. Little Bill says no and asks Andrew if he wants to feel Squirmy the Worm. Andrew notes that Squirmy is dirty from all of the dirt and Little Bill blows the dirt off of him. Andrew thinks that Squirmy feels funny. Little Bill thinks that Squirmy is cool and Andrew agrees that Squirmy is absolutely cool. Little Bill thinks that Squirmy is very cool and he decides to keep him as a pet. Andrew reminds Little Bill that he already has Elephant . Little Bill says he wants a pet worm as well. Andrew wants to find one, and Little Bill says that if he does then both of the worms can be friends. Little Bill doesn't think anyone else has a pet worm. Next door, Andrew's mother comes outside and tells Andrew that it is time for him to come home. Andrew says he'll be in soon. He asks Little Bill about his pet worm. Little Bill assures Andrew that they'll find one for him tomorrow. Andrew is fine with that and tells Little Bill goodbye. Little Bill says goodbye and also imitates Squirmy saying goodbye. Andrew heads inside.

Little Bill starts to sing a song about Squirmy being his pet wormy. Little Bill tells Squirmy about Elephant, his hamster, and tells him that he'll take him upstairs to see him. Little Bill arrives in his room so Squirmy can meet Elephant. Little Bill shows Squirmy his room with the clothes and also shows him Captain Brainstorm his action figure. He finally shows Squirmy to Elephant. Elephant wakes up and looks out at Squirmy. Elephant blinks his eyes at Squirmy and Little Bill says that Elephant likes Squirmy. Little Bill tells Elephant to come out and play with Squirmy. Little Bill puts Squirmy down on the ground and tells him not to go anywhere. Little Bill puts Elephant in his playing ball, but notices that Squirmy is gone. He calls for him and asks where he went. He walks down the hallway and finally finds Squirmy down the hall. Little Bill tells Squirmy he can't just crawl everywhere because he'll get squished. Little Bill says he has to find a place for Squirmy to live. He walks into the bathroom and finds his toy boat. He tells Squirmy that he can live on the boat and sail across the sea. Little Bill puts the boat in the bathtub and thinks it's perfect. Elephant wants to come into the bathroom, but can't get into the door. Little Bill lifts the ball up so he can get in. He walks back to the bathtub and tells Elephant that Squirmy is going to live in the boat. He then notices that Squirmy is crawling to the drain. Little Bill reaches in and picks him up before he goes down the drain. Little Bill tells Squirmy that was close and he suggests they find a box so he can be safe and not be able to get out.

Bobby walks upstairs and tells Little Bill that the family is going to play Hop Around. Little Bill is excited about playing, but first asks Bobby if he has a box with a top. Bobby says that he has a small one and asks what he needs it for. Little Bill says it's for his pet worm, Squirmy. Bobby thinks Squirmy is cool and he tells Little Bill that Squirmy is an earthworm that lives underground. Little Bill is amazed at Bobby's knowledge and Bobby assures Little Bill that he knows everything about earthworms. He tells Little Bill that earthworms breathe through their skin. Little Bill is confused. Bobby notes it doesn't have a nose and Little Bill realizes Squirmy doesn't have a nose. Little Bill says that he'll put the box next to the window so Squirmy will have lots of air to breathe. Bobby suggests that Little Bill ask mother and father first before he keeps the worm as a pet. Little Bill doesn't know whether to ask them or not. Bobby tells him to come downstairs for the game. ew`1 Down at the table, Big Bill, Brenda, and April try to figure out which colored frog they are going to play for Hop Around. April asks Alice the Great if she's going to play. Alice the Great says she is. Bobby joins them at the table and April tells Bobby not to cheat this time. Little Bill comes downstairs and asks Brenda if he can have Squirmy the Worm as his pet. Brenda is taken back that Little Bill has a worm. Everyone gathers around to look at Squirmy. Brenda tells Little Bill that worms don't belong in the house. Alice the Great agrees and says that they especially don't belong in the kitchen. Little Bill says that Squirmy is his friend and that he's going to live in his room by the window so he can breathe through his skin. Bobby confirms that worms do that. Big Bill notes that Squirmy isn't going to like living in the house that much. Little Bill asks why. Big Bill says there's nothing for Squirmy to do in the house. Little Bill asks him what worms like to do. Bobby says that worms like to dig tunnels in the ground which is good for the trees. Little Bill asks why. Bobby says that when it rains, the water goes into the holes down to the roots of the trees. Bobby notes that the worms also eat old leaves and when they go to the bathroom it's good for the soil. April isn't too thrilled by that note. Alice the Great says that it's true and she likes worms being in her garden because it makes the flowers grow. Bobby confirms that worms and good soil make things grow better. Little Bill asks Brenda if she can bring soil in the house. Brenda says no. Little Bill notes Squirmy needs it. Alice the Great says that is why Squirmy needs to be outside. Little Bill agrees but still asks Bobby if he can have the box. Bobby asks what he needs it for. Little Bill says that he's going to keep Squirmy outside as an outside pet.

Little Bill waits outside for Bobby to bring the box out. Bobby brings the box out and Little Bill puts Squirmy in the box. When he does, all Squirmy does is lay in the box. Little Bill asks why Squirmy isn't crawling around. Bobby says that Squirmy probably doesn't like it in the box. Little Bill realizes that he shouldn't make Squirmy be a pet if that's not what he wants. Bobby agrees with Little Bill. Little Bill thinks that Squirmy will be happier living in the ground and Bobby notes that mother will be happier as well. Little Bill apologizes to Squirmy for taking him away from his home in the ground. Little Bill puts him down in the soil. Bobby says that Squirmy is probably thanking him right now as well as the other trees and the soil. Little Bill asks if that's because he puts Squirmy back in the soil. Bobby says yes and notes Little Bill did a good thing. Little Bill says that he will tell Andrew tomorrow why it's good for the worms to stay in the ground. They watch Squirmy go back into the soil and Little Bill notes that Squirmy must be hungry. Bobby says that Squirmy will have all of the leaves he can eat. Little Bill tells Bobby to come inside so they can play Hop Around. Little Bill says goodbye to Squirmy and the episode ends with Little Bill and Bobby going inside to play Hop Around and singing a song about Squirmy being their favorite wormy.