Neighborhood Park is an episode.


The story begins with Little Bill and Big Bill raking leaves. As Big Bill and Little Bill are walking to the park downtown to play ball, Little Bill asks his father why there isn't a local park closer to their house. Big Bill explains that there aren't too many vacant areas for parks near them, but he bounces the ball until it rolls to the garbage cluttered lot. Big Bill warns him that there is broken glass and he could cut himself and get splinters, but when Big Bill gets the ball, he gets a splinter on his finger. Then, they stop at Uncle Al's store for a snack, Little Bill suggests that the vacant garbage cluttered lot across the street from the store would make a perfect park area. Inspired, Uncle Al volunteers that his family, the rest of the Glovers, and some of the nearby neighbors get together that weekend and clean the lot up. With everyone pitching in, Little Bill and his friends assist Big Bill in the garbage collection, Alice the Great plants a garden, Brenda photographs the whole project for her story in the paper, and Uncle Al contributes free refreshments for a job well done. Then, the vacant lot is turned to a park. The episode ends with Little Bill, Andrew, Fuschia, and Kiku playing ball with Big Bill.


  • When the camera pans back after the family has finished the park to show the road and Al's store behind them, a truck goes down the street on the right side of the road, but just a minute later, a motorcycle and a car go down the same street, and they're driving on the left side, each going in opposite directions to illustrate that it's a two way street. Which ones are going the wrong way, and shouldn't the truck that took off before have crashed into the motorcycle?