"Summer in the Wintertime"
Release Date
February, 2nd, 2004
Episode number

Summer in the Wintertime is an episode from Season 4 of Little Bill.


A blizzard hits the Philadelphia area, leaving the Glover children stuck inside the house for the day. Thinking of ways to entertain themselves until it warms up, Little Bill suggests imagining that it's summer instead, and decorates his room like the beach. His siblings join in the fun and take the "beach" into the living room. April notes that Brenda and Big Bill were unable to avoid the snowstorm before heading off to work and will probably be tired, cold and wet when they come home. Bobby and Little Bill decide they should put on a "Summertime In The Wintertime" variety show for their parents to cheer them up. April pretends to do a news report, Bobby tells jokes, while Little Bill sings the songs he made up. Brenda, Big Bill, and Alice the Great tell the children how much they appreciate their thoughtfulness and creativity.

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