The episode begins at night with Little Bill downstairs in his pajamas. Big Bill is acting like a horse and is carrying Little Bill on his back. After the ride, Big Bill notes that this horse is too tired to go anymore. Brenda tells them that it's time for cowboys to go to bed. Big Bill asks about the horses. Brenda notes that horses sleep standing up in the stable. Little Bill asks if he can sleep in the barn with dad. Big Bill says that mother is only joking and adds that he hopes she is. Little Bill asks Big Bill if they can play Horse again tomorrow morning. Big Bill says that he has to go to work in the morning and Little Bill has to go to school. Brenda notes that Little Bill actually doesn't have school tomorrow. Little Bill asks if he can stay home. Big Bill asks about work. Little Bill tells him to call work and tell them that he's staying home and playing with him. Big Bill laughs and takes Little Bill upstairs to bed. On the way up, Little Bill asks Big Bill what work is like. Big Bill tells him that going to work is like going to school. Little Bill imagines Big Bill at work except that it's just like his kindergarten class. Big Bill asks for snack time and they sing the "Good Morning" song. Little Bill starts to giggle, but Big Bill snaps him out of his imagination. Big Bill tells him that he has an idea and asks Little Bill if he wants to come to work with him tomorrow. Little Bill notes he doesn't have school tomorrow so he isn't busy. Big Bill says that tomorrow he will go to work with him. Little Bill is excited. Big Bill kisses Little Bill goodnight and Little Bill tells him he can't wait to go to work with him tomorrow.

The next morning, Little Bill wakes up and is very excited about going to work with Big Bill. In the morning, Little Bill brushes his teeth and Big Bill shaves. Brenda kisses both of them good morning. Big Bill and Little Bill sit at the table. They drink from their cups and Little Bill pretends to read the newspaper like Big Bill. Outside, Big Bill asks if he's ready. Little Bill says he is. Big Bill notes that he doesn't want to be late for his first day at work. Brenda tells them both to have a fun day. They walk down the sidewalk and get on the bus. Little Bill asks Big Bill if everyone on the bus is going to work too. Big Bill says that he's sure most of them are. Big Bill and Little Bill finally arrive at the office building where Big Bill works. Little Bill says that this is where they both work today and tells Big Bill they should go inside. They head up to the top floor and Big Bill welcomes Little Bill to the Department of Housing. Little Bill asks where the houses are. Big Bill tells Little Bill that they don't build the houses. Their job is to find people places to live and make sure that they are safe. They arrive at the front desk and Big Bill says good morning to Gabrielle. Gabrielle says good morning as well and asks who his guest is. Big Bill introduces Gabrielle to Little Bill. Gabrielle says it's nice to meet him and Little Bill says the same. Little Bill asks her if she's the teacher. Gabrielle says that she just answers the phones for all of the offices. Big Bill tells Little Bill that the office is a little different than his school. Little Bill and Big Bill walk past an office where a man is giving a lecture to two employees. Little Bill thinks that it's circle time and asks if they're going to sing the "Good Morning" song. Big Bill says no and tells him that the people are having a meeting. Little Bill says that in the morning everyone has circle time to say good morning to everyone. Little Bill says good morning to everyone in the meeting. He then sing the "Good Morning" song to the employees. The employees think that Little Bill was very sweet to sing the song for them. Big Bill says good morning to Mrs. Miner and introduces Little Bill to her. Mrs. Miner greets Little Bill and welcomes him to the Department of Housing. Little Bill asks if she's the teacher. Big Bill says that Mrs. Miner is the boss so she's in charge of the office. Little Bill says that's just like his teacher, Miss Murray, who is in charge of the whole class. Mrs. Miner says that she has something for him and gives him a pencil. Little Bill thanks her and puts it in his lunchbox that he is substituting as a briefcase. Mrs. Miner hopes that he has a good day. Little Bill hopes that she has a good day as well.

Big Bill and Little Bill finally arrive at the offices. Little Bill asks Big Bill how he knows which office is his because they're all alike. Big Bill tells him that he has to guess and try to figure it out. They walk past a few offices and Little Bill says that these ones can't be his. Finally, they come to one and Little Bill realizes that it's his. He knows this because there is a picture of the whole family on his desk at work. Big Bill ask how he knew. Little Bill points to the picture and he also notes that the pencil holder that he made for him for Father's Day is on the desk. Big Bill says that this is his office and tells Little Bill he did a good job. Big Bill asks him if he wants to help him make some copies. He takes Little Bill to the copy machine. Little Bill says it's a very big copy machine. Big Bill puts the papers in and asks Little Bill if he knows which button will start it. Little Bill points to the big green button and Big Bill says he's right. Little Bill pushes it and it starts to make some copies. Little Bill says he likes this job. He makes a rhythm like the copy machine and both Little Bill and Big Bill start to dance along to it. The boss, Mrs. Miner, comes in and sees them dancing. Little Bill tells Big Bill that Mrs. Miner is here and Big Bill stops dancing immediately. Mrs. Miner asks Little Bill if she's helping Big Bill get work done. Big Bill says that he is being a great help making some copies. Mrs. Miner also starts to sing along to the copy machine noises and Little Bill notes that he likes working here because everyone is nice. Big Bill tells Little Bill that they need to go find his desk. They arrive back at his desk and Big Bill says he needs to get some work done. Big Bill tells Little Bill to start by sharpening the pencils. Little Bill does this while Big Bill does some work on the calculator. Little Bill says that he's done sharpening the pencils and Big Bill tells him to draw some pictures for Brenda. Little Bill knows that Brenda would like the drawings. He draws a picture of their house, a goldfish, and then him and dad at work. Big Bill notes the one with him and Little Bill in it looks great. The phone rings and Big Bill answers it. He notices that Little Bill is imitating the phone call. Big Bill dials a number on his phone and then Little Bill's phone starts to ring. Little Bill picks it up and Big Bill says hello to Little Bill. Little Bill laughs. Little Bill asks what they're supposed to do now. Big Bill says its lunch time. Little Bill notes that they have lunch time at their school every day. Big Bill notes that they do too. Big Bill asks if he's hungry. Little Bill says yes and they head outside to eat.

Outside, Big Bill asks Little Bill if he likes coming to work with him. Little Bill says yes and says he likes it a lot. He thinks it's fun at the office. Big Bill tells Little Bill that he's a good worker. Little Bill says that Big Bill is also a good worker and says that next time Big Bill should come to school with him. He says that they can sing for his class and show them the copy machine dance. Big Bill says it sounds good. Little Bill says that he'll teach him how to finger paint and he can sit next to him at lunch. Big Bill asks what they will do after lunch time. Little Bill says that after lunch it's nap time. Big Bill says that sounds good to him. The episode ends with Big Bill and Little Bill sitting outside of the office building. Later that night, Little Bill sits in his bed. Little Bill tells Elephant that he had a nice day working and notes that when Elephant grows up to be a big hamster he can have a job too. Little Bill imitates the phone ringing again and he picks it up. Little Bill says it's the boss and she wants him to make some copies. Little Bill sings the copy machine song. Big Bill calls into the room and asks Little Bill who he's talking to. Little Bill starts to giggle and the episode ends with him laying his head down on the pillow.

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