The Birthday Present is an episode.


Little Bill and Brenda go shopping for a birthday present for Little Bill's cousin, Fuschia. Little Bill decides upon a toy robot called a "Gooey-Bot" that has a liquid goo in its stomach that wiggles around when you push a button on its head. Trying to prove he's grown up, Little Bill attempts to wrap Fuschia's present by himself, but he accidentally knocks it off the table while arranging the wrapping paper. When he picks it up, he notices the button the make the "gloop" move doesn't work anymore, and when he tries to fix it himself he just makes it worse, getting glue all over the toy. Little Bill hides when he hears Brenda coming, but she explains that she isn't angry if he broke the toy by accident, and there's still time before Fuschia's party to buy a replacement gift.