The Promise is an episode Of Little Bill From Season 2.


Hypothosis: Edit

When Little Bill Doesn't Know What He Brings For Show And Tell, April Decides To Tell Little Bill That He Can Take Care Of Her Golden Basketball Trophy To Make Sure That Nothing Happens To It.


When It's Morning And Little Bill Tries To Look In His Toy Box, He runs out of his own belongings to bring to Show and Tell, But he asks his sister April if he can borrow her basketball trophy to show. Bobby points out that the trophy is April's most prized possession That She Won Five Weeks Ago, but April gives her permission and makes Little Bill promise to take care of the trophy, And She Makes Sure That Nothing Happens To It. Unfortunately, despite Little Bill telling his friends that they couldn't touch the trophy after he showed it to them, But When Little Bill Waits At His Desk, somehow it gets misplaced during recess. But When Little Bill Plays With His Friends, He Notices That the little basketball on the player's hand gets broken off. Little Bill Thinks He is afraid That April will Kill him for breaking his promise, And When He Comes Back Home, He says he is sorry, but April Gets Shocked And She Closes the door on him. Little Bill starts to cry. Bobby begins coming upstairs and asks who's slamming doors, but he says that slamming doors was bad and that April's really mad. He says that he broke his promise. Little Bill, However, Needs Help With The Trophy, But When Bobby Checks On Him, He suggests they try to fix the trophy. Little Bill sacrifices his most prized possession, a tiger's eye marble, And Then They Glue The Marble To Replace the missing basketball on April's trophy, and one it's dinner time, When He Shows April Her Fixed Trophy, his sister forgives him, and little bill and his family all have a big laugh.