The Snack Helper is an episode.


The episode begins at school with the children doing different activities. Andrew and Kiku are painting and Little Bill and Fuchsia are reading a book. Miss Murray tells the children that it's circle time. Little Bill is excited for circle time and starts to sing a song for circle time. Miss Murray says that Little Bill gave her a good idea and suggests that they sing a song for circle time today. Kiku asks if she can pick the song. Miss Murray says that they have to look at the job chart first and they notice that Andrew is the one that gets to pick the song today. Andrew thinks about it and Little Bill whispers something into his ear about singing the Color Song. Andrew thinks that sounds like a good idea and Little Bill tells him that he gets to spin the color wheel too. Miss Murray says that's a good choice. She reminds the children that if the color wheel lands on a color they are wearing they are supposed to get up and sing. Andrew spins the color wheel and it lands on green. Little Bill and Dorado are both wearing green and they stand up to sing. The next color is red and Kiku is wearing red so she gets to sing the part next. The next color is yellow and everyone realizes that they are wearing yellow. Miss Murray tells Andrew that he did a great job and he gets a star for spinning the color wheel and choosing a great song. Andrew thanks Miss Murray and Little Bill thinks that Andrew's star is cool. Little Bill tells Andrew that he sticks his stars on his door at home. Andrew says that he's going to stick the star on his dog, Farfy. Little Bill thinks that's silly, but Andrew says that Farfy loves the stars being on his collar. Little Bill wonders if he has a job today and he hopes he gets a star too. Little Bill looks at the job chart and he finds out he's the snack helper today. He cheers and sings that he is the snack helper today.

Little Bill asks Miss Murray if she knows what job he has. Miss Murray knows that he is the snack helper. Little Bill says that's his favorite job and notes that he likes it better than song picker, line leader, and chair pusher inner. Miss Murray asks him why it's his favorite. Little Bill says that you get to call everyone to the table one by one and you get to set everything on the table. He says that it's a great job to do because it's like being the teacher. Miss Murray asks if he wants to be a teacher when he grows up. Little Bill says yes because he wants to give out stars to students like Miss Murray does. He imagines that he is a teacher handing out stars to Fuchsia for her painting, Andrew for driving a fire truck, and Kiku for watering the flowers. Little Bill says everyone deserves a star. Miss Murray snaps Little Bill out of his imagination by saying that he would make a great teacher. Little Bill says he would and asks Miss Murray if she wants to know something. Miss Murray says yes. Little Bill says he is also going to be a fireman, a doctor, a story teller, and an astronaut. Miss Murray notes he'll be busy. Little Bill says that he likes being busy. Little Bill tells Kiku, Andrew, and Fuchsia that he is the snack helper today. Andrew asks Little Bill to call him to the table first. Little Bill says that he will. Kiku asks Little Bill if he can call her first to the table. Andrew tells Little Bill that he is his best friend so he should be called first. Kiku says that she is Little Bill's best friend. Andrew says that he picked the color song because of Little Bill so he should pick Andrew to go to the snack table first. Kiku notes that when she was snack helper she picked Little Bill first so he should call her first this time. Fuchsia tells them that Little Bill is her cousin so she should get picked first. Fuchsia asks if she's right about that. Little Bill doesn't know what to say. Andrew asks who he's going to pick. Little Bill doesn't respond. Miss Murray tells everyone that it's time to put the toys away. Little Bill approaches Miss Murray with a sad look on his face. Miss Murray tells Little Bill that it's time for his job. Little Bill tells Miss Murray that he doesn't want to do his job anymore. Miss Murray asks why not. Little Bill says that Andrew, Fuchsia, and Kiku all want Little Bill to pick them first to go to the snack table. Miss Murray asks who he wants to pick. Little Bill tells her that if he picks Andrew first then Kiku and Fuchsia will be mad at him. He then says that if he picks Kiku first then Fuchsia and Andrew will be mad at him. Before he can continue, Miss Murray tells Little Bill that it's his choice. She says that's part of the job of being snack helper. She says it's part of the job and tells him to go set the table. He promises he'll figure something out. Little Bill starts to put the napkins on the table and matches the colored napkins with the colored cups. While he sets the table, Andrew approaches him and tells him to pick him first. Little Bill continues with the job and Kiku approaches him next to ask him to pick her to go to the table first. He finishes up and Fuchsia asks Little Bill to choose her since she's his cousin. Little Bill walks over to the color wheel and wonders who he should pick between Andrew, Kiku, and Fuchsia. He spins the color wheel while he figures it out. Miss Murray gathers the kids around the rug for circle time and tells them to wait for Little Bill to call them to the table. As the color wheel stops spinning, Little Bill has an idea. He says he knows how to choose. He begins to whisper to Miss Murray, deep into her ear so it is inaudible to the rest of the class. He continues to whisper with the class sits behind him, looking clueless, wondering what he is whispering about. When the clock on the wall reads 11:01, he finishes whispering. Miss Murray thinks that what he had just whispered deep into her ear about is a great idea.

Miss Murray tells everyone that Little Bill has thought up of a great way to decide who gets to go first to the snack table. Little Bill says that he's going to spin the color wheel and if the person is wearing that color they are to stand up. Andrew asks what happens if two people have on the same color and Kiku notes that would create a problem. Little Bill says that he'll spin it again and if the person still has that color on then they can keep standing. Miss Murray adds that Little Bill will keep spinning the wheel until there is only one person left with all of the colors and then they will go to the snack table. Little Bill says yes. Everyone is excited about the game. Little Bill spins the color wheel and it lands on blue. Everyone stands up because they are all wearing blue. The next color is yellow. Andrew isn't wearing yellow so he has to sit down. The kids start to think that this game is fun. Miss Murray says that this is getting exciting. Little Bill spins again and it's red. The only person that is wearing blue, yellow, and red is Kiku. She notes that her headband is blue, her dress is yellow, and her shoes are red. Kiku is very excited that she won the game. She heads over to the snack table. Miss Murray tells Little Bill to call on everyone else to go.

The kids tell Miss Murray that they want to continue with the color game. Miss Murray notes that Little Bill has made up a great new game. Miss Murray tells him to spin the wheel. Little Bill spins the wheel again. Later, all of the kids are finally at the table eating snacks. Andrew tells Little Bill that the game was so much fun. Little Bill says that Andrew didn't win. Andrew says it doesn't matter because it was so much fun. Fuchsia says she went last, but it was still fun. The children all ask Miss Murray if they can use the color wheel for snack time when it's their turn. Miss Murray says yes and tells Little Bill that for his great idea and being a great snack helper he gets a star. Little Bill is very happy and thanks her. Little Bill tells Andrew he got a star too and is very happy. The episode ends with the children finishing their snacks.