"The Treasure Hunt"


Release date
December 5 , 1999
Episode number

The Treasure Hunt is an episode from The TV Series Little Bill.


After witnessing Alice the Great knitting a sweater, which is her "thing," and after finding out what she means by "[one's] thing," Little Bill decides to find his. When he sees his Father listening to jazz music, he finds out that's his "thing." Then, when he sees his Mother fixing her camera, he finds out her "thing" is photography. He then finds Bobby and April playing chess, at which point he finds out that the horse-shaped piece is called a knight. Bobby points out that while it's his thing, it's not April's, at which point Little Bill says it's not his either. When he can't find his "thing" anymore, he tells Alice the Great a story developed from his parents' and siblings' "things," finding out from Alice that his "thing" is storytelling.