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When Friends Get Mad

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When Friends Get Mad is a final episode of Little Bill.


Little Bill and his friends are painting pictures of Things We Like About Spring to decorate the room's bulletin board. Little Bill is very proud of his painting of a spring day, with flowers and trees in a park, but when Kiku tries to look closer, she accidentally knocks over the water used to rinse the brushes that spills on Little Bill's paper, ruining it. Close to tears over his wrecked hard work, Little Bill gasps, "Look what you did!" Kiku tries to apologize, but he just gets madder, and responds by crumpling up her paper. Kiku begins to cry and says, "Little Bill, I said I was sorry!" Little Bill doesn't understand why everyone sides with her, and expects him to apologize! He won't feel sorry at all because Kiku started it. Miss Murray puts Little Bill in timeout, but he doesn't care because he still isn't sorry. When he gets home, his parents learn what happened and try to explain to him that what Kiku did was an accident, but what he did was on purpose because he was mad. The next day at school, Little Bill apologizes to Kiku and offers to help make a new painting for her.

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